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Wanna Lift Systems is ready to install cable and rail lifts in many other states including Oregon and Arizona. We help you regain a sense of freedom and increased mobility with exterior and residential lifts.

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The hillside tram system has been approved for use in Oregon and Arizona. This system features:

  • Dual pulling cables rated over 18,000 lbs. of safety.
  • Class "A" instantaneous safety brake.
  • In car controls with emergency stop button.
  • Interlock gate locks for the car and landing gates to ensure safety even for small children.
  • Lexan sheeting on the car to allow good visibility while still keeping children and passengers hands inside the car.
  • Dual limit switches at the top and bottom of the tramway which gives a backup system for stopping.
  • A mechanical over speed governor.
  • A bumper at the bottom.

Safety First

This popular tram system certainly has all the things needed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Contact us today to learn more about having one of our residential chair lifts or tram systems installed for you.

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