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Hillside Tram Lift Systems

Wanna Lift Systems is based in North Idaho. This means we can pass a relatively low cost of service work on to you, including our annual checkups.

Idaho Lift

Wanna Lift Systems has a feature-packed, Idaho lift system. The many benefits of this system include:

  • Dual pulling cables rated over 18,000 lbs. of safety.
  • Class "A" Instantaneous Safety brake or a Skylock III.
  • Dual limit switches at the top and bottom of the tramway which gives a backup system for stopping.
  • A mechanical over speed governor. (Not needed with the Skylock III system if equipped)
  • A bumper at the bottom.
Rail System on Hill


Lexan sheeting on the car to allow good visibility while still keeping children and passengers hands inside the car.

  • Interlock gate locks for the car and landings.
  • Remote Controls, with an Emergency stop button.

Exterior Chair Lifts

Lakeshore Tram System Landing

Pictured here is the lakeshore tram system. Here we built a pit for the landing at the bottom to allow for level entry and exit. It's a very nice way to eliminate stairs which is what we are all about.

Aesthetically Pleasing Hillside Tram System

This system is the hillside tram. It is an aesthetically pleasing system showing minimal impact or disturbance to your hillside.

Lift System By a Lake

Completed Tram

Couple on Tram System Landing, Idaho

Man by Tram System Landing, Idaho

Happy Customer With an Outdoor Lift

Tram Over Water Tram From Porch to Lake Riding in the Tram