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A Cable Tram for You

Get a chair lift or cable system installed in California. Wanna Lift Systems is ready to help you enjoy your home or hillside property to the fullest with a freedom-enhancing lift system.

Big News for California

We have just received confirmation that our Class "A" safety squeeze brake has been accepted by the state of California and given an approval code. Here's a residential tram system that is sanctioned by the entire state of California, including Los Angeles County, which has the most stringent regulations in the U.S. This system features:

  • Dual pulling cables rated over 18,000 lbs. of safety each.
  • The HT-1490 Class "A" Instantaneous Safety. (CA approval No.4778)
  • In car controls with emergency stop button.
  • Interlock gate locks for the car and landing gates to ensure safety even for small children.
  • Lexan sheeting on the car to allow good visibility while still keeping children and passengers hands inside the car.
  • Dual limit switches at the top and bottom of the track lift which gives a backup system for stopping.
  • A mechanical over speed governor approved in California.
  • A bumper at the bottom.

Residential Tram

Tram to Top of Building

This system certainly has all of the things necessary to keep you and your family safe.

Los Angeles Tram Project

The project above was the first completed in Los Angeles in more than 30 years. We had to help write and re-write new code to get a tram project through their building department. Thanks to our persistence and the hard work of our engineers, we have successfully passed inspection, and this system is now sanctioned for use in the entire state of California.

Accumar Cable Tram

This is an Accumar cable tram. This system meets all requirements for a cable car tram in the state of California and prefers a steep hill. This system may also be used to span short dips or valleys on a slope which would otherwise be too tall to stand legs for a track lift system.