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Hillside Cable Lifts

When you find walking up a flight of stairs leaves you breathless or it is becoming more challenging to climb hilly terrain at your home or vacation property — call us. Let Wanna Lift Systems come to the rescue with a track lift or cable lift that will deliver you safely from one level to another. The desire to eliminate the climb with a quality lift that meets your needs and respects your budget makes Wanna Lift Systems the perfect choice. Contact us today for more information.

We are the Only Company Offering a Double Class A Safety System

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About Us

Decker Enterprises LLC doing business as Wanna Lift Systems installs luxury lifts that operate with cable or rail systems. Hillside handicap lifts and exterior chair lifts are customizable to your particular needs and the terrain. We're owned and operated by Dennis and Shirley Decker, and are based in Coeur d'Alene, ID. We proudly serve customers just about anywhere across the United States, installing products that include residential cable lifts, tram systems, and dumbwaiters from several leading manufacturers.

Wanna Lift Systems has a wide range of construction experience and can handle all types of installations. On-site evaluations are performed before each project begins. For Installations that require demolition work and new construction, we rely on our years of experience to meet each challenge. Our expertise will come in handy when evaluating your project. You can be assured that remodeling your home or office to accept a lift system is well within our capabilities. We have no problem teaming up with your contractor if that is what you desire. Our goal is to give you the highest quality product with the best installation in the industry. Service and safety are paramount.

Since Wanna Lift Systems started placing lifts in homes and on hillsides, we have continuously been improving our products and services. We currently offer more than a dozen different systems of exterior chair lifts and cable lifts.

Do-It-Yourself Packages

For those who are mechanically minded, have worked in construction, or feel comfortable and competent working with hand tools and electronics, this package is for you. By simply following instructions you will be able to complete your project with ease. There is nothing more rewarding than completing your installation while saving money in the process. Your package comes with easy to follow instructions, a list of tools you will need to have on hand, and technical support if needed. You will also have one of our technicians on-site during your installation so that we make sure it is installed to comply with all our safety regulations. Contact us today for more information.


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